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as indecisive as i am, i have chosen a quilt to make for mqa. and a color scheme. unheard of.

part of the philosophy of the authors is that you should have a big idea to inspire your quilt. even before i chose this pattern i wanted mine to be my two frecklewonder necklaces that i've been wearing pretty much every day, seriously, since i got them at renegade. i love them, they go with all my clothes, they match my life, etc. and not coincidentally a quilt made from these colors will look good with most of my bedsheets. cause this sucker is going on my bed.
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i just made a list of all my projects and it made me feel crazy so i have erased it. just know that if i talk about adding anything new* for the next two months, i might need an intervention. the caboose on this crazy project train is the modern quilt-along. i've got the book, i like a couple of the patterns, i think i have enough in my stash so that i wouldn't have to spend a lot, and there's no due date so it shouldn't be a stressor.

i'll try to remember to include that little linky button thing and tag entries with mqa when i talk about it, and i'll put the longwinded stuff under a cut. i still have to choose a pattern, but i want to consult with james as an unbiased third party (unbiased until i can convince him to do one also, i mean) and look at my stash before making a decision.

*i'm organizing a soft house project that will happen in the next couple months, but i haven't made a public post about it yet. so when i do get around to talking about that, it's not a new project!


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