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so, i didn't mean for my previous post to be compliment fishing or anything, but the comments did give me a boost, so thank you.

my frustration arose because i was trying to make one of the quilts from the denyse schmidt book, but i have this one problem with the book which is that she keeps taking her improvisational style but then gives you these patterns to fake the improv. so i tried to improv, and it didn't work, leaving me with a small pile of awkward wedges of fabric that i really want to salvage into another pattern.

i think my solution is to go back to the kaffe fassett book and either make another squares quilt, or this one:

but in a new color scheme. there is enough overlap with the old quilt though, that i have most, if not all, the fabrics i need.

if i make another squares quilt, i could use some orphan blocks i have that didn't make it into the old quilt. but, the pattern is for a small wall quilt and i really want a bed quilt. not impossible to do, but at least twice as many blocks (unless i just fudge it and make huge borders or somthing) and that's a bit scary. but redoing the squares appeals to me as a way to "fix" my issues with the first one.

if i go with the triangles, i can use most of my wedges but not all. my problem with the triangles is that i feel it would look better in a tighter color scheme than the one i am building.

i'm torn now.

color scheme would be mostly turquoises and aquas, with a lot of chartreusey greens. less amounts of candy pink, hot pink, and hot orange and tomato red to "pop out". some light greys and almost whites for neutrals? either brown or dark grey as my "dark" (i have a lot of brown; although i think it would be nice to involve some grey, it would require purchasing and/or dyeing fabric which i don't know if i want to get into). do i have to use lavender again? i need advice please!!
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i just made a mess trying to start a new quilt, failing, then trying to salvage the pile of fabric i spent the last day or two cutting out. i don't have the energy to explain it right now, but here instead is a photo of my first quilt project from a couple years ago. there are a couple things wrong with it, all of which add up to one big "what was i thinking?"

(it's not really wobbly, i just laid it on my bed for a quick shot, failing to consider that my pillows underneath it would make it look all crazy.)

a) hello, could i pick a more complicated and involved pattern for my first time out? it took me years to do all those damn squares, and collect enough different fabrics in my chosen color scheme.

b) speaking of which, wtf is with the colors? i'm ok with the green and brown but mango orange? and LAVENDER? and it's way less cohesive than the original (pictured on the cover of the kaffe fassett book that i got the pattern from). not that i like that color scheme either, though.

c) it's all paper pieced but i sewed most of it on my old crappy machine. not knowing the extent of the crappy. when i started pulling the paper off the back (which is its own time-consuming, messy annoyingness), it is pulling out some of the stitches. so, i will have to do a fair amount of repairs or the thing is going to fall apart on me.

anyway, the rest of my complaints can wait for later.
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as indecisive as i am, i have chosen a quilt to make for mqa. and a color scheme. unheard of.

part of the philosophy of the authors is that you should have a big idea to inspire your quilt. even before i chose this pattern i wanted mine to be my two frecklewonder necklaces that i've been wearing pretty much every day, seriously, since i got them at renegade. i love them, they go with all my clothes, they match my life, etc. and not coincidentally a quilt made from these colors will look good with most of my bedsheets. cause this sucker is going on my bed.
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